VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum 2012

  1. #VQForum trending on Twitter …..

  2. VQab
    Amazing! #VQForum top trending Twitter hash tag globally today! Thank you all tweeters and live bloggers for your… http://fb.me/CCfvQsxy
  3. ChristianUncut
    #VQForum now top trending Twitter hash tag globally – #legalit now more popular than #Christmas or #Rhianna
  4. VQab
    Follow live tweeting tomorrow of SOLD OUT legal strategy event #VQForum with @HackettInHouse @ChristianUncut @ChrisBullEdge @dmfitch
  5. Memories of the day

  6. dmfitch
    “Thought leader experts” is what we need to be – Annette Magnusson – #VQForum
  7. dmfitch
    Wrapping up at #VQForum – there is a need to change – and in order to do it we have to have “the right people on the bus”
  8. ChristianUncut
    Quote of the day from @oestring at #VQForum “If I see a lawyer with a dictataphone on his desk, I’m not going to hire him.” #legalit
  9. HackettInHouse
    Real strategy lies not in figurg out what to do, but in devisg ways to ensure that we do more of what we should do. David Maister #VQForum
  10. ANNETTE MAGNUSSON, Secretary General of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, opens the conference.

  11. iinek
    Annette Magnusson, SCC starts off #VQForum with keynote & talks about „the perfect storm“ that legal businesses are facing
  12. VQab
    Thank you @AnnetteMagnusso for a perfect intro of the perfect storm facing legal business at #VQForum
  13. Keynote by SUSAN HACKETT 

  14. TineWaersten
    Fantastic keynote by @HackettInHouse at #VQForum
  15. iinek
    listening to extremely interesting presentation by @HackettInHouse at #VQForum: law firm business model fits lawyers not clients
  16. pamstorr
    Susan Hackett on “The Urgent vs. The Important”: Urgent = short term fees & costs; Important = long term value & results #VQForum
  17. dmfitch
    The challenge – develop the strategy for change – leverage firm knowledge to implement it – Susan Hackett #VQForum
  18. dmfitch
    85% of partners think clients love them but only 35% of clients would recommend them – Susan Hackett #VQForum
  19. dmfitch
    Lawyer compensation based on lawyer activity not client results – Susan Hackett #VQForum
  20. dmfitch
    A new norm emerging – the economics of law firm practice – Susan Hackett #VQForum
  21. TineWaersten
    #VQForum Law firms need to be partnering with their business clients in the New Normal – good point made by@HackettInHouse
  22. dmfitch
    Law firms have to be lowering cost, improving predictability and control – Susan Hackett #VQForum
  23. dmfitch
    Need to look at shifting the work internally (or externally) based on value – Susan Hackett #VQForum
  24. dmfitch
    Still a real challenge unbundling the work to identify who should be performing different tasks – Susan Hackett #VQForum
  25. dmfitch
    Important for firms to think long, act incrementally and take the lead – Susan Hackett #VQForum
  26. pamstorr
    Great keynote by @HackettInHouse – “Lawyers will realise that technology is the best tool they’ve got!” #VQForum
  27. VQab
    Artikel från VQ Forum med huvudtalaren Susan Hacketts budskap om advokaternas nya verklighet:… http://fb.me/1N2qgs09o
  28. CHARLES CHRISTIAN, CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Legal Technology, talks about the “more for less challenge”

  29. pamstorr
    Now the “more for less challenge” by @ChristianUncut – technology is a tool for implementing a strategy…NOT the strategy itself! #VQForum
  30. HackettInHouse
    @ChristianUncut #VQForum: the failure of most systems isn’t a failure of tech, but of poor implementation or inconsistent adoptn
  31. HackettInHouse
    @ChristianUncut #VQForum: P-C-P-C T … People, Culture, Process, Change, Then Technology: if you do it the opp way, you’ll fail.
  32. dmfitch
    Look at your organisations people, culture, process and change before you get to technology – Charles Christian #VQForum
  33. dmfitch
    Agree with @ChristianUncut that buying IT is not a strategy. We have to understand requirements and problems we’re trying to solve #VQForum
  34. HackettInHouse
    @ChristianUncut #VQForum: again, understanding work flow & process, as well as the result you wish to drive, is what stymies most lawyers.
  35. dmfitch
    Deconstructing legal service is important (a practical point is that lawyers find that analysis difficult to do) #VQForum
  36. pamstorr
    .@ChristianUncut “Let’s talk about socks”…. law is all about business – pricing & branding. know your market! #VQForum
  37. lawtechfutures
    @christianuncut – if you can do a 6 hour job in 2 hours, do you bill for 2 hours or bill for the 6 hour value? #VQForum #legalit
  38. HackettInHouse
    @ChristianUncut #VQForum: he’s right – savings in greater lawyer efficiency are not just monetary: there’s value in going home for dinner.
  39. HackettInHouse
    @ChristianUncut #VQForum: knowledge management suffers from title soup – the job is defined and rolles performed differently at many firms
  40. HackettInHouse
    @ChristianUncut #VQForum: lawyers have such a poor grasp of the finances of their practices that they can’t value their work’s worth
  41. iinek
    @ChristianUncut at #VQForum : a good case management system is also a risk & KM management system!
  42. VQab
    Thank you @ChristianUncut for a great overview of “more for less” legal tech challenges – buying an IT system is not a Strategy at #VQForum
  43. forsandree
    Kort sammandrag av Charles Christians föredrag på #vqforum http://bit.ly/SneinS
  44. a few panels on the “more for less challenge” …
  45. HackettInHouse
    Anne-Marie Ovin – CIO of Vinge: introduced by Christian as having said that “CIO” at a large law firm stands for Career Is Over #VQForum
  46. HackettInHouse
    Eric Hunter- #VQForum – sharing the challenges of integrating SocMed in firms: it’s not all a fairy tale marriage: lots of challenges
  47. HackettInHouse
    Eric Hunter- #VQForum: Mining big data is evolvg art form: even if you can tie the info together, you still have to know how to use it.
  48. HackettInHouse
    Eric Hunter- #VQForum – Astonishing efficiency increases happen when people adopt (organically) the colloboration of shared circles
  49. HackettInHouse
    Eric Hunter- #VQForum: Facebook was an interestg excptn to rule: the technology came before the users defined need
  50. HackettInHouse
    @ #VQForum: Erick Hunter: using SocMed w/in firms to drive collaboration, marketg, better workflows by understndg big data/behaviors
  51. VQab
    Thank you @thelihunter for an inspiring presentation on the huge efficiency gaines with social platforms plus challenges at #VQForum
  52. HackettInHouse
    #VQForum – selling more for less: conclusions … KM is virtual so it can be used by any team at any time – draws people together.
  53. CHRIS BULL, Edge International, & DAVID FITCH, Director of Knowledge Management at Latham & Watkins LLP, on legal market trends

  54. pamstorr
    Now @ChrisBullEdge on Need for change – lawyers are expected to give same type of service as other businesses #VQForum
  55. HackettInHouse
    @ChrisBullEdge #VQForum: The legal product / package – not an issue of commoditization, but of capturing a distinguishing trait of the firm
  56. HackettInHouse
    @ChrisBullEdge #VQForum: it is much easier to deliver legal services same-day than it is to deliver a TV same-day from an online order.
  57. forsandree
    “Branding is essential” Chris Bull on how to succeed in the changing legal industry #vqforum
  58. ChristianUncut
    Chris Bull at #VQForum – the Quality Solicitors (UK) ad theme music made the iTunes Top 50 – audience laughs
  59. ChristianUncut
    Chris Bull at #VQForum – the New Normal for law firms is everyone else’s Old Normal
  60. forsandree
    “It’s nice to be special. But it’s not nice to be ‘special’ in the wrong way. ” Chris Bull about the changing legal market. #vqforum
  61. dmfitch
    Lawyers “less special” these days – factors including sustained downturn, technology and social change – Chris Bull #VQForum
  62. HackettInHouse
    @ChrisBullEdge #VQForum: it’s only a “New Normal” to the legal profession … it’s standd business practice for everyone else.
  63. forsandree
    Sammanfattning av Chris Bulls presentation på #vqforum http://bit.ly/SMg7v8
  64. DAVID FITCH, Director of Knowledge Management at Latham & Watkins LLP
  65. HackettInHouse
    @dmfitch #VQForum: We can argue about what’s good for you vs me, but we can’t hide from the fact that we all have to change.
  66. HackettInHouse
    @dmfitch #VQForum: 5 KM buildg blocks: current awareness, capturing work product, standardizing, guidance how-tos, training to task.
  67. HackettInHouse
    @dmfitch #VQForum: KM allows firms to deliver better pricing without compromising on quality.
  68. HackettInHouse
    @dmfitch #VQForum: KM can help all the rotating economic factors in today’s firms: profitability, leverage, prices/rates, staffing …
  69. CARL ÖSTRING, General Counsel at Traction
  70. JaneitLegal
    Oestring: also recommends lawyers read ‘From Good To Great’ Jim Collins – dominate your niche #VQForum
  71. netlawmedia
    #vqforum if you are going to survive as a company find ‘your hedgehog’ strive to dominate your niche.
  72. HackettInHouse
    Carl Ostring on pricing: price is based only in part on cost, and partly on what the thing is worth and what people will pay. #VQForum
  73. HackettInHouse
    Carl Ostring, CLO of Traction, recommends reading “The Undercover Economist” (Tim Harford) about what stuff really costs. #VQForum
  74. Martin Salomon on Regi’s survey 2012 – Årets advokatbyrå

  75. dmfitch
    GCs still find it difficult to keep updated on relevant legal issues – opportunity for firms to help here – Regi – Martin Salomon #VQForum
  76. dmfitch
    Nutshell – significant opportunity to serve BETWEEN transactions by staying in contact and following up – Regi – Martin Salomon #VQForum
  77. netlawmedia
    #vqforum start small with follow ups with clients as your lawyers need to be trained in handling this. – salomon
  78. dmfitch
    Proactively create opportunities to meet and present lawyers who are good and suitable for the client – Regi – Martin Salomon #VQForum
  79. dmfitch
    Be part of the client’s strategies and business, have more conversations and follow-up – Regi – Martin Salomon #VQForum
  80. HackettInHouse
    #VQForum – Martin Salomon/Regi offers the survey #s: do the numbers collected cross market mean as much as the numbers collected by you?
  81. forsandree
    Client satisfaction is higher for boutique firms. #VQforum
  82. dmfitch
    Law firms have some way to go to demonstrate delivery of price worthy services – Regi – Martin Salomon #VQForum
  83. forsandree
    Sammanställning av höjdpunkter från Martin Salomons dragning på #VQforum http://bit.ly/TJ7C5b

  85. pamstorr
    #VQForum Panel discussion on client care & client-law firm relationship. Encouraged: follow up between meetings/transanctions! Be proactive
  86. netlawmedia
    #vqforum @chrisbulledge says clients said ‘ I wish I knew you did this type of work’ after the client went to firm down the road.
  87. pamstorr
    What should clients choose – the lawyer or the firm? @HackettInHouse – “Should be focused on the firm-firm who delivers service” #VQForum
  88. forsandree
    I choose persons, not firms. / Carl Östring #VQforum
  89. lawtechfutures
    David Fitch – if you add value to a CC thru an education seminar then you are adding real value #VQForum
  90. Thank you VQ & Regi for a fantastic conference!

  91. VQab
    Tack @forsandree för fantastisk realtidsrapportering från #VQForum på VD-bloggen http://www.vd-blogg.se/
  92. AnnetteMagnusso
    #VQForum Fantastic speakers at today’s conference and a privilege to be part of the team. Thank you Ann & Helena.
  93. VQab
    Thank you @HackettInHouse @dmfitch @JohnGrimley @iinek @pamstorr @forsandree for insightful comments from #VQForum Top trending globally!
  94. VQab
    Thank you @netlawmedia @janeitlegal @lawtechfutures @ChristianUncut for excellent coverage of #VQForum – top trending tweet globally today!
  95. merixzon
    VQ Forum was an awesome success. Keynote speaker Susan Hackett
    @HackettInHouse was brilliant #vqforum
  96. InfoTorg
    Ikväll delar vi ut pris till årets advokatbyrå. Grattis till Magnusson Advokatbyrå och Danowsky & Partners! #VQforum http://pic.twitter.com/bjwaZTEl

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